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Sekilas Mengenai Dragon Nest Indonesia Part 3


Sorceress menggunakan tongkat sebagai senjata utamanya, berdaya serang fisik rendah, namun berdaya serang magic tinggi. Terdapat 2 jenis class yang dapat dipilih pada level 15, yaitu Force User dan Elemental Lord.Dan terdapat 4 jenis Class yang dapat dipilih pada level 45 yaitu Smasher dan Majesty untuk Force User sedangkan untuk Elemental Lord yaitu Pyromancer dan Cryomancer.

•Force User adalah class yang mengutamakan elemen kegelapan dan laser pada serangannya, juga dapat membantu teman 1 party dengan skill buffnya.

-Smasher,Lanjutan dari Class Force User yang berfokus pada Skill tree Laser.Skill nya yaitu Laser Cutter,Mengeluarkan Laser secara Vertical ke depan yang memiliki damage tinggi.

-Majesty,Lanjutan dari Class Force User yang berfokus pada skill tree Dark.Skill nya yaitu Gravity Trap,Mengangkat musuh ke atas dengan energi gravitasi lalu melemparkan nya ke bawah dengan cepat.

•Elemental lord adalah class yang mengutamakan elemen es dan api pada serangannya, memiliki combo yang banyak saat mode player vs player.

-Pyromancer,Lanjutan dari Class Elemental Lord yang berfokus ke skill tree Elemen api.Skill nya yaitu Rolling Lava,Mengeluarkan bola api yang besar lalu meluncurkannya ke depan dengan cepat.

-Cryomancer,Lanjutan dari Class Elemental Lord yang berfokus ke skill tree Elemen Es.Skill nya yaitu Ice Spear,Mengeluarkan bola es yang diikuti dengan keluarnya semacam Spear yang dapat membekukan musuh,dapat digunakan untuk mendapatkan double damage (Stacking)

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Cleric menggunakan sebuah wand, atau mace sebagai senjata utamanya, dan menggunakan shield untuk melindungi dirinya. Terdapat 2 jenis class yang dapat dipilih pada level 15, yaitu Paladin dan Priest.Dan terdapat 4 jenis Class yang dapat dipilih pada level 45 yaitu Guardian dan Crusader untuk Paladin sedangkan untuk Priest yaitu Saint dan Inquisitor.

•Paladin adalah class yang mengutamakan daya serang fisik, memiliki kecepatan serang yang tinggi dan teknik bloking yang hebat juga memiliki pertahanan fisik yang tinggi.

-Guardian,Lanjutan dari Class Paladin yang berfokus pada serangan fisik dan juga sebagai Tanking Dengan skill nya yaitu Guardian force,mengeluarkan Bubble lalu meledak kan nya untuk menjadi buff pertahanan.Dan juga Justice Crash,Melompat ke atas lalu turun dengan menghantamkan tangan ke bawah.

-Crusader,Lanjutan dari Class Paladin yang berfokus pada serangan Magic dan sebagai Hitter.Skill nya yaitu Judgement Hammer,Mengeluarkan Palu raksasa dan melemparkan nya ke depan.

•Priest adalah class yang mengutamakan tolong menolong sesama party/team dan daya serang magic, terutama Light. Priest dapat menambah HP teman setimnya, sehingga Priest sering disebut sebagai supporter.

-Saint,Lanjutan dari Class Priest yang berfokus untuk Support.Skill nya yaitu Holy Shield,Mengeluarkan aura shield untuk melindungi anggota party ketika di hit akan menambah HP.Dan Shock of Relic,Meledakkan tiang dengan kekuatan Listrik.

-Inquisitor,Lanjutan dari Class Priest yang berfokus sebagai Hitter.Skill nya yaitu Concecration,Mengeluarkan Energi dari Tanah yang menyerang musuh.

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Tinkerer atau Academic menggunakan sebuah cannon launcher dan bubble weapon sebagai senjata utamanya. Terdapat 2 jenis class yang dapat dipilih pada level 15, yaitu Engineer dan Alchemist.Dan terdapat 4 jenis Class yang dapat dipilih pada level 45 yaitu Gear Master dan Shooting Star untuk Engineer sedangkan untuk Alchemist yaitu Physician dan Adept.

•Engineer adalah class yang mengutamakan serangan fisik dibandingkan magic, dan berdaya serang tinggi, dapat menghancurkan lawan dengan cepat dan dapat men summon mesin/robot untuk membantu nya dalam pertempuran.

-Gear Master,Lanjutan dari Class Engineer dari skill tree summoner sebagai Ahli Mesin dan juga Summoner.

-Shooting Star,Lanjutan dari Class Engineer dari skill tree Hitter.

•Alchemist adalah class yang mengutamakan daya serang magic, dapat membuat buff untuk teman satu tim/party, dan memiliki daya serang magic yang tinggi.

-Physician,Lanjutan dari Class Alchemist yang berfokus sebagai Support.Dapat membantu anggota party dalam pertempuran.

-Adept,Lanjutan dari Class Alchemist yang berfokus sebagai Hitter.Dengan skill dan debuff yang mematikan

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13 Best Tips On How To Educate Your Children Properlyl

13 tips and how to educate children properly and effectively at an early age. It can not be denied that the child is the hope and the foundation of the parents later in life. Therefore, as parents should certainly be able to provide proper guidance and direction so that it becomes a good human and noble as we want in the future when they have grown up.

0 years of age is a critical period for brain development of the child. At this stage the child has a golden age in which brain development occurs quickly and rapidly. At this time even a child's brain has the ability to absorb new experiences faster than children aged 3 years. That's why you do not let one of educating and providing examples for your children.

Successful Tips to educate children who either have a lot of methods. How big is the success rate of the method applied would depend on how effectively each parent to contribute to their children. So you do not get confused in providing direction to the child, here are some ways to educate children is good, true and wise that you can try.

1. Be gentle and show genuine affection
As a parent, always be gentle to children is an absolute thing that must be done. Because only with a soft-spoken, a child will listen to the words of his parents. Besides required to be gentle to children, parents also should give genuine affection and intact to the child. One example is to tell the child that you are very fond of her. A hug or a kiss can also be encouraging its own for the soul of the child can do.

2. Be a good listener and give support
Your child may have felt in ridicule by peers. As a good parent, try to approach so that the child will tell. At such times you are required to be a good listener and able to listen to all the little sigh and moan. This is the key to success in building the confidence of the child.

Give positive support and bekalilah it with his skill to avoid ridicule and the ability to be able to socialize well. For example, you can teach your child to avoid a mockery of friends. For example if there is a friend that says "You're ugly", then the most appropriate answer is "important Biarin clever". Children who used to mock will definitely feel bored with answers such as put-downs are not taken seriously and not getting feedback according to what he wants, for example, with the cry, complain or get angry.

3. Build creativity by playing together
Teach the child does not mean to always make the "new rules" are not fun for him, but also can be a way to play together. Let him learn something from you in ways much fun as playing, dancing or playing music together.

4. Avoid using the word "Do not"
This is one mistake that is often made by the parents. In the current experiment the middle child who may be a little dangerous, parents generally say "no" to their children. Indeed, if too often this word spoken by parents to their children it could negatively impact that caused the child does not develop creativity. To replace the word "no", you should use another word that is significantly more positive. A case such as a child running, and her mother said, "Do not run!". Surely that meant his mother was "walking" alone but the child does not catch this purpose. So the phrase that should be used is the "Walking alone" or "Take your time" and so forth.

Another alternative of words not often spoken of parents to their children
Another alternative table of the word "do not" used to say the parents to their children

5. Be a role model and idol for your child
In general, every child has the idol "superhero" world's imagination. But in the real world, he would want to have it. You as a parent as much as possible trying to be what the child wants and always dependable. One way is to do whatever you think is best to be given to your child.
6. Provide a sense of comfort
Cultivate a sense of comfort when a child is being shared with you. Invite for a small discussion on the sidelines of your togetherness. So that children feel comfortable, you should not be feeling the most out of everything that makes you seem to dominate the conversation. Make it like a friend who is also need for you to listen well and sympathetically.

7. Grow the attitude of respect
Teach a man to respect whoever the person, whether an older person and his peers. It is crucial to growth since the early age because later on when he grows up he can apply respectful to everyone.

8. Teach sense of responsibility
Teach and remind your child to always have a sense of responsibility towards himself. For example if the time has come for school, she had to leave. If he asks why it should be so. Give reasons that can be understood by him.

9. Teach to apologize
Apologizing for a mistake is a noble act and a knight. Teach your child to want to apologize for the mistakes he might do to his peers that he was aware that the act of doing is an act that is less commendable.

10. Do not be scared
Parents generally tend to take a "shortcut" that easy. Besides lying, parents are also usually often scare their children to obey immediately. This is the behavior of parents who mistakenly because in addition could be some sort of trauma when he was an adult, it also resulted in the child become self-sufficient so as to confine their creativity.

11. Do not be deceived
Similarly, intimidated, children who often lied as a child will become accustomed to the lies instilled by his parents. Moments later he was great, he would consider lying is a natural thing to do because everyone including his parents did as well.

12. Do not say loud and threatening
Many people say the boy did not make any difference as blank white paper. Whether or not also depends on the child's parents taught him. That's why as much as possible try to avoid harsh words, threatening or even yell at the child. If the child's behavior may seem mischievous or naughty, try to hold back your emotions and say softly and wisely.

13. Teach openness
When you have free time together with the baby. Encourage conversation and try to find out about daily life. What did he do, what makes her happy, what makes him sad or even make it vibrant. With the opening of the child, you can also search to find a gap to be able to know the nature of the child at once an inspiration for parents. A good parent and a wise old man who can take the experience and lessons from anyone including his own son.